Busy Bee Preschool
Fun, Learning, Care, Motivation
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Units 1 to 3, Marlborough Road
SO15 3ND
T: 07775 880500

Established 2001.
Over the last few years we have made huge improvements to the settings, and spent long hours & much money creating the Busy Bees we have today. Our recent Ofsted report gave top marks.

Both Busy Bee pre-schools in Shirley and Millbrook operate to extremely high standards, led by a team of dedicated and high quality staff. We all love our chosen career, and work hard to create a learning environment that children and their parents want to be a part of.
Some of our staff and children.
Children flourish due to the diversity and exceptional quality of the activities staff make available by planning a rich learning environment. Staff are highly reflective about their practice and have an excellent understanding of how to nurture, excite and enrich children's interest.
We are redesigning the website at the moment, so please check back in a few weeks to see the changes..
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